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Charlies Chalk Dust Sweet Dream eJuice

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Sweet Dream Ejuice by Charlies Chalk Dust Black comprises of a reasonable blend of velvety vanilla ice cream with a hint of fudge and cinnamon.

Envision a glass loaded with vanilla frozen yogurt, secured with fudge and tidied with clues of cinnamon, making an ideal parity; fulfilling those sweet desires! "Sweet Dream" gives you a stunning vape experience that will keep you returning for more! Experience a rich vibe of the velvety, crisply stirred bowl of delectably rich and velvety Tahitian vanilla ice cream, spotted with new shavings of vanilla bean. As though this heavenly bowl of delightful richness wasn't sufficient, this delicious treat is topped with thick chocolate fudge.

A liberal squeeze of freshly plucked cinnamon is added only for good taste to guarantee you will shouting, imagining, and feening for this flavor. Sweet Dream hammers down the pastry vape gauntlet with a smooth and velvety delicacy, including the cream, and the most of milk chocolate fudge, and zesty sweet-smelling cinnamon. Enjoy this velvety e-fluid that was created in light of the treat sweetheart, including a smooth bowl of newly stirred dessert, beat with liquid chocolate fudge and a hints of spicy cinnamon!