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Fresh N Sour Strawberry Shocker eJuice

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Strawberry Shocker by Fresh and Sour features fat slices of sun-kissed summer strawberries that are squeezed into sour syrup and squeezed into e-liquid for a mouth-squelching blend of sweet and sour delicacies!

Size: 120ml

Flavor: Sour Flavored eJuice

Full Flavor Description:

In this heavy bottle of sweet and sour e-liquid, it's summertime folly, and Fresh & Sour has created a flavor to inhale your vapor taste buds with a sweet and ripe strawberry, followed by a startling blast of sour in the exhale! In the heat of the summer sun, dozens of wild strawberries were collected, each berry glowing a vivid red ruby. These summer strawberries are cut into dense slivers and marinated in a fiercely sour syrup, leading in a zinger promising even the most grimaces eye-squelching. In a globe of flavors of fruit and dessert and candy, sometimes you're just searching for something a little distinct, a little further away from the beaten path, a rough diamond, if you like.

Enjoy a puffy cloud of sweet and sour goodness as you puff on a zinger of a taste that Fresh & Sour created for the express purpose of soothing your fierce sweet and sour cravings. In every e-liquid, Fresh & Sour strives to produce the ultimate fulfillment and has gone to excellent lengths to infuse delicious fruit taste in every puff. But don't take our word for it... pick up a bottle today and lose yourself, thanks to Strawberry Shocker eJuice by Fresh & Sour, in the whirlwind of sour then rich and rolling strawberry taste in every cloud!