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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fresh N Sour Watermelon Blast eJuice

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Size: 120ml
Nicotine Level: 0mg

Fresh & Sour's Watermelon Blast introduces a bowl of newly sliced pieces of watermelon, wild and humid and full of summer flavor. But an unexpected twist shows itself in the exhale, where a mind-numbing sour attacks with ferocity your taste buds and takes you down the sweet and sour flavor rabbit hole!

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Watermelon Blast eJuice by Fresh N Sour

Brand: Fresh N Sour Size: 120ml | Flavor: Candy

Treat a barrel of fun with your vape taste buds, featuring sweet pieces of watermelon, doused in a sauce of sour sugar. Every juicy and sweet melon was fought from dense vines, ensuring in every newly sculpted slice a burst of exotic flavor and tart aroma. This sweet summer fruit was pierced with excellent fervor until the melon rind squeezed every last drop. Enjoy a distinct side of juicy watermelon, with a refreshing, sour blast that balances the flavor completely! This sweet and sour e-liquid is a deliciously flavorful cloud that will surely make your lips smile! The farmer's eyes bugged out when the first piece of melon landed on his tongue and his lips pinched at the extremely sour flavor.

A sweet and refreshing melon flavor rapidly substituted the shock of the sour flavor, but the surprise was discovered, and the wonderful discovery of sour melons was a real delight. Thanks to this discovery, the marvelous flavor of fresh and sour watermelon pieces can be tasted for yourself, rough ad wickedly sour on inhalation, but sweet and refreshing on exhalation. Take your vapor taste buds down the electrifying flavor rabbit hole and sample for yourself the sweet and sour watermelon clouds!