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Happy End Eliquid Blue Cotton Candy eJuice

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Blue Cotton Candy takes on a magnificent flavor profile of crisply spun cotton sweet that has slight notes of blueberry and blue raspberry behind the drapes.

Blue Cotton Candy eJuice by Happy End

Brand: Happy End | Size: 100ml | Flavor: Candy

This vape juice is stuffed to the overflow with delightful, sweet treat and you cannot miss the golden opportunity to vape this ultimate flavor. On the inhale, it produces an exceptionally sweet cotton treat flavor experience that will assume control over your taste sense of buds. On the inhale, the sweetness ends up more grounded and the blueberry sensations begin to surface. With everything considered, this experience is unique and is brimming with happy flavor. Blue cotton candy is the one of the best flavor, your taste buds craving for.

The throat hit is impressive, smooth, and superb. Consuming and scorching sensations don't exist in the flavor of this e liquid so you can take the opportunity to grab this sweet candy flavored with the goodness of freshly spun sugar. It is really the best flavor, all the good things come at the end so this flavor.