Lost Art The Beez Kneez

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Beez Kneez e-juice by Lost Art Liquids is a superb e-liquid and one of the most recent e-liquids in the Lost Art collection. This e-liquid has the flavor of cream, honey, and cereals.

Beez Kneez by Lost Art is an impressive e-liquid that will make your taste buds water. This e-juice has a delicate taste that never becomes boring. This e-juice is the type that will appeal to vapers who enjoy dessert blends. If you has sweet tooth cravings, then you will appreciate this e-liquid by Lost Art. Beez Kneez by Lost Art can easily be vaped all day long without getting you tired of its taste. All the flavors in this e-liquid are of premium quality and they are excellently blended.

Beez Kneez e-juice by Lost Art has an impressive taste all-around taste. This e-liquid has the flavor of graham cracker flavor that first hits you when you inhale. And you can taste notes if cinnamon, and butter on the inhale. It is when you exhale that the sweetness if the honey and sugar flavor that fill the mouth. You can also taste the smooth milk flavor when you exhale.

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