WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nude GAS eJuice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Great juice flavor my fav.

This is my fav flavor of juice and I have ordered several times from Cheap juice and have never had an issue until this last order. I usually get my order within 5 days but it has been over 20 days and my order still has not arrived. It says delivery is delayed. When I asked for assistance I was sent the link for informed delivery for USPS. Hopefully I will get my order soon.

John White
Nude gas

Excellent. Very good flavor


Love this website! Unbeatable juice prices and an ok device section. I couldn't believe how many juices I got at the price I paid and they have unbeatable shipping time as well. This juice on the otherhand is fantastic AF! I'm blown away at the quality of this juice, comparable to glass jar (og) naked100 brand, but you get a hella lot more. Bravo!

JOEL Gunnoe
Nude flavors

The flavors are the best I’ve found. It seems to burn away quicker than some but it’s still worth it

Sarah Chaplin
So far so good!

I ordered 10 bottles of juice and haven't tried them all, but of those I have tried, so far so good. I especially like the fruit cereal flavor, it tastes just like fruit loops!

Nude G.A.S. eJuice offers a refreshing combination of exotic guava, premium strawberry, and one-of-a-kind apple flavors that will leave your mouth watering with every puff! Cheap eJuice now carries budget-friendly 120mL bottles.

G.A.S. eJuice by Nude eJuice

Put the pedal to the floor with Nude G.A.S. eJuice! Each puff will tantalize your taste buds with the extravagant flavors of giant guava, amazing apple, and sweeter-than-ever strawberry. These flavors coincide with each other so well that they almost don't seem real! When life gives you great-tasting fruit flavors like G.A.S. eJuice by Nude, there is no reason it shouldn’t be in your sub-ohm tank.

One day, our mixologists were taking a break from making next-level vape juices and decided to go go-karting. Whether they are tying their shoes or coming up with a delicious new flavor, there is always some level of competition between them. One of them was in first place, slamming his foot on the gas pedal, when another one was rapidly approaching. The mixologist in the lead needed this win badly, so he began to throw tropical guavas, fully grown apples, and perfectly shaped strawberries from his go kart. The mixologist behind him spun out and ended up losing, but was the winner in the end because he picked up these previously tossed fruits and turned them into a scrumptious vape juice flavor. They called it G.A.S. because of the flavor combination and the events that led up to this eJuice being crafted. You can now purchase Nude G.A.S. eJuice in 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg tobacco free nicotine strength for an affordable price at Cheap eJuice!

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