Yogi Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar eJuice

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Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar is classic vape juice blend by Yogi E-Liquid. This vape juice has a delicate all-around taste that contains the flavors of vanilla, tobacco, and granola bars.

Vanilla Tobacco Granola has a rich spot-on taste. And like other e-liquids by Yogi eLiquid, Vanilla Tobacco Granola has a natural taste that never becomes artificial. The tobacco, vanilla, and granola bar flavors in this e-liquid are balanced and never gets overpowering. Vanilla Tobacco Granola is the kind of e-liquid that you never get tired of vaping. You can vape this e-liquid all day long without getting bored with its taste.

When you inhale Vanilla Tobacco Granola, it is the sweet vanilla flavor that fills the mouth. And when you exhale, it is the granola bar flavor that fills the mouth. And you can also taste notes of the tobacco flavor when you vape this Yogi E-Liquid.