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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Got a Vaper on Your List? 5 Awesome Vape Gifts They'll Love | Cheap eJuice

Got a Vaper on Your List? 5 Awesome Vape Gifts They'll Love

It's no secret--cigarettes are out and vaping is in. Besides being better for you than cigarettes, people who vape don't have to go outside in the blazing summer heat or dead of winter to get their fix.

It's really a win-win situation.

On top of the benefits, it is so much easier to buy gifts for people who vape than people who smoke. Not sure what vape gifts to get your friends or family members?  Don't worry, just read through this helpful list of vape gifts, and you'll be good to gift!

Starter Kit

Currently, 10 percent of Americans vape--up from 2.6 percent in 2013. This number is sure to rise as more and more people make the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. 

Are you interested in helping a friend transition away from traditional tobacco cigarettes? Then a vape starter kit makes an excellent gift. 

Starter kits range pretty widely in price depending upon the quality and quantity of items included. Most include a vape mod, a tank, replacement coils, USB cables, and a user manual. Some include vape juice, too.

Flavored eJuice

Flavored eJuice is one of the best parts of vaping. Instead of dealing with the unpleasant taste and scent of tobacco, people who vape get to pick and choose from a wide variety of enticing flavors. Not only does it taste good, but it smells good, too!

From blue raspberry to watermelon, flavored eJuice is a tasty way to make your friend's day.

A High-Quality Mod

Have you heard the one about the guy whose vape mod exploded? Poor quality mods are one of the main reasons vapes get a bad rap. Just like with anything else you buy, you get what you pay for.

This is why a high-quality mod is super important. Mods are complex--certainly more complex than a vape pen or e-cigarette. This makes cheap mods a fairly risky investment.

Do your friend a favor and get them a high-quality mod to make sure their vaping experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

Extra E-Cigarette Battery

Nothing is worse than not being able to satisfy your nicotine craving because your e-cigarette battery is out of commission. Save your friend or family member their sanity and get them some extra e-cigarette batteries!

E-cigarette batteries are a relatively inexpensive way to show your loved ones that you care. The environmentally conscious will be happy to know that they are fully rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about your gift ending up in a landfill!

Portable Charger

Last, but not least, is a portable charger. These are so important on days when you cannot make it home to charge up your mod or e-cigarette.

With a portable charger, your loved ones are free to attend events like Coachella or Burning Man without having to worry about where and when they'll be able to charge up their vape. 

Ready to Smoke the Competition with These Vape Gifts?

If you have a friend who vapes, then vape gifts are the way to go if you want to give them an impressive gift that they'll actually use. So leave the socks to your crazy Aunt Edith and be the gift-giving star with these unique gifts.

Interested in more information on vaping? Check out the rest of our blog to learn everything you need to know about it!

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