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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
5 Pro Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping | Cheap eJuice

5 Pro Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping

There are many great benefits of switching from smoking to vaping. Some people do it for health reasons, others do it as a way to stop smoking of any sort altogether. Then, there are those who are just curious as to see what vaping is all about.

Whatever your reason is for switching, keep in mind that the transition does take some time.

Smoking and vaping are very distinct activities. The way you pull your smoke/vapor and how you enjoy them are unique depending on what's in your hand.

Here are 5 tips to make the smoking to vaping transition much easier on you!

1. Start with a Simple Mod

All cigarettes work the same way. Whatever your brand of choice is, all you have to do is light it up and puff. That's not necessarily the case with vaping mods, though.

While basic mods are pretty straightforward to start using, there are many elaborate models that take a little more vaping knowledge to understand. You don't want to dive into the deep end when making your transition. Buy a basic mod, get used to vaping, then splurge on a more sophisticated model.

2. Explore Different E-Juice Flavors

The only thing that matters more than your mod when vaping is your e-juice. There are all kinds of e-juice flavors out there - some are sweet, some are sour, and some even have a nice earthy flavor to them.

More so, it's good to look at the ingredients. E-juices may be CBD-based, have THC in them, or have a bit of nicotine in the mix, too. You want to make sure you know what you're inhaling when you vape just as much as you want to enjoy the taste.

3. Find the Right Strength for You

As you're looking at the ingredients in different e-juices, take a second to see how strong they are. This mostly applies to e-juices that have nicotine in them.

When a smoker is transitioning from cigarettes to vape, it's best to start with an e-juice that has a high nicotine potency. You can then decide whether to continue vaping with nicotine or to lower your dosage until you're eventually not using nicotine at all!

But, the transition will be a lot harder if you try to cut nicotine out completely from the start. Your body is still going to crave this substance; it will feel like you're not using anything at all and make the desire for cigarettes even stronger.

4. Interact with Other Vapors

Keep in mind that you don't have to make the transition alone. One of the best things you can do as a new vapor is to get to know other vapors.

Ask them what kind of e-juices they prefer and why they chose the mod(s) they did. See if they want to meet up and go to the vape shop together, and maybe see if they used to smoke cigarettes, too.

You'd be surprised how many people have made the transition. When you connect with them, you realize you're not the only one and you get more support to make the transition go smoothly.

5. Don't Think About It Too Much

You can follow all of the tips above and still have trouble switching from smoking to vaping. In fact, you may not even complete the transition!

This happens to smokers who get stuck in their head. You can't think about cigarettes when using a vape. You can't dwell on the thought of how much you miss smoking if you know you really do want to switch to vaping.

The best thing to do is focus your mind on what's ahead instead of the habit you're trying to put behind you.

How to Save Money When Switching from Smoking to Vaping

There's one more thing to think about when switching from smoking to vaping: the financial commitment. Admittedly, the cost of vaping can potentially add up a lot faster than that of smoking cigarettes.

But, it doesn't have to!

There are ways to try a bunch of different e-juice flavors and get a good vape mod without blowing the bank. Click here to explore all kinds of affordable vaping options.

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