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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Are You Overpaying? 5 Tips to Find the Best eJuice Deals | Cheap eJuice

Are You Overpaying? 5 Tips to Find the Best eJuice Deals

With more than 8,500 vape shops in the U.S., there are certainly plenty of places to choose your juice. But how can you know if you are getting a good deal?

Paying more doesn't necessarily mean you are getting better quality. So what can you do to score the best eJuice deals? Read on for our top 5 tips.

1. Buy from Clearance

If a store has decided to finish stocking a range, or a particular flavor, they might be selling off their last few bottles of juice.

When you visit your store, whether it's in person or online, take a look and see if they have a clearance section. This can be a good way of getting cheap e juice from a quality brand.

2. Follow Stores on Social Media

If your favorite store has a newsletter, Twitter account, Facebook page or other social media page, it's worth giving them a follow. You'll be one of the first to hear about their latest products, budget vapors, and any promotions they're offering.

Businesses know that it's a lot cheaper to keep a customer than to attract a new one. So they're usually happy to send discount codes and other offers to their subscriber base. Why not take advantage?

3. Buy in Bulk

A regular sized bottle of e-liquid is around 30ml. But a percentage of that amount covers the bottle, labeling, shipping to the store, and of course their cut. One way to get more juice for less buck is to buy a bigger size.

A 120ml bottle of juice will cost you less per ml than the smaller size. If you have a favorite flavor, why not invest in a larger bottle and enjoy the sweet taste of cheap ejuice?

4. Mix Your Own

If you're a serious bargain hunter, then mixing your own is definitely a route to cheap e-liquid. You'll need your base, VG or mixed with PG, nicotine (if you add it), and the flavoring. 

If you don't fancy going that far, you can always combine your existing juices to create something new. Instead of buying a new bottle of mocha flavor, for example, just combine the chocolate and coffee you already have.

5. Watch the Shipping

Paying for shipping is one way that your order cost can increase really fast. But most suppliers will offer some sort of free shipping deal.

You may need to keep an eye out for a voucher code or there could be a minimum order value to get your parcel shipped for free. Either way, that will save you a good chunk of money on your e-cigarette supplies.

Enjoy Your eJuice Deals

That's our top five tips to help you find cheap eJuice. But before you go, we've got one more for you.

Each and every day, we offer a huge discount on one particular eJuice. It's a changing deal, so keep checking back for great eJuice deals, right here at Cheap eJuice.

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