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Does E-Juice Expire?: Your Guide to eJuice Safety | Cheap eJuice

Does E-Juice Expire?: Your Guide to eJuice Safety

Nowadays, e-juice comes in all sorts of flavors, from toffee and banana to American tobacco. It's not unusual for vapers to purchase dozens of flavors at once and build an entire collection. But is it safe to use these products after their expiration date?

When you spend a fortune on e-juice, the last thing you want is to throw it away. The average customer purchases vaping devices and e-liquids that cost up to $250 a month, which isn't exactly cheap. If you make your own formulas, you may have large batches around the house.

Like everything else, e-liquids don't last forever. Whether you create your own combos or use store-bought formulas, beware of their due date.

Is e-juice safe after expiration? Does it still have the same flavor and consistency? Let's find out!

How Long Does E-Juice Last?

The vape juice market is expected to reach $4.77 billion by 2025. Vaping aficionados spend hundreds on their favorite products each month. Some have entire collections of e-liquids gathering dust on their shelves.

E-juice is a consumable product just like dairy, eggs, and medications. Therefore, it has an expiration date. Most formulas last between one and two years depending on the ingredients used.

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) based e-liquids differ in terms of shelf life.

Vegetable glycerin is more susceptible to bacterial growth and requires special storage conditions. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, boasts anti-bacterial properties, so it lasts longer. Nicotine, which is used in most e-liquids, can easily go bad when exposed to sunlight and heat.

Basically, a PG-based formula with no nicotine will last longer than VG-based e-juices. However, you still need to ensure proper storage conditions and keep the bottles sealed.

The expiration date is only a rough estimation of the date by when the ingredients are no longer guaranteed to be safe or provide the quality you'd expect.

If you store your e-juice away from heat and sunlight, you shouldn't experience any problems. Choose a cool, dark place and seal the lid tightly.

How to Tell If Your Vape Juice Has Expired

There are a few telltale signs to help you determine whether or not your e-juice is still viable. If it goes bad, you may notice changes in color, texture, and smell.

For example, if your e-juice is normally thick, it will become thinner when it expires. Its flavor will be a lot different than it's supposed to be. You may also see small particles sinking to the bottom.

Sometimes, expired e-juice may change colors slightly. In this case, it's still safe. However, if its color changes a lot, it has probably gone bad because of oxidation.

Is E-Juice Safe after Its Expiration Date?

As long as you store your vape juice properly, there should be no safety concerns.

Keep the bottles in a drawer or in the fridge to preserve its quality and flavor. Ideally, opt for tinted glass containers as they prevent the light from interacting with the ingredients used.

Still wondering "Is e-juice safe after its due date?" Check out our blog to find out more about e-liquids and their properties.

We'll show you what's inside your favorite e-juice, how to create your own flavors, and what products offer the most bang for your buck!

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