WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What's the Best E-Juice to Quit Smoking? | Cheap eJuice

What's the Best E-Juice to Quit Smoking?

Are you convinced switching to a vape will help you kick your cigarette smoking habit? You're not alone. Many people nowadays choose to vape over smoking cigarettes for their health and the many flavors available.

Learn more about vaping and the best e-juice to quit smoking below. 

The Best Flavor E-Juice to Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you need to choose a vape liquid you enjoy. Smokers not keen on flavored products may want to try tobacco liquid first.

Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice

Tobacco liquid offers the familiar taste associated with smoking cigarettes. Many people use this flavor to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping easier. They come in two types: naturally extracted tobacco (NET) and synthetic. Most of the tobacco liquids you find are synthetic, especially the cheaper ones. 

Some smokers find the synthetic tobacco taste artificial, so they may want to try NET products instead. High-quality vape juice companies offering NET juice replicate a variety of tobacco types and tastes. NET vape juices are ideal for smokers who want the authentic taste of tobacco as they quit smoking. 


Menthol cigarette smokers will find transitioning to e-cigarettes easier than regular tobacco smokers. Capturing that same cooling sensation found in menthol cigarettes proves easier than other flavors. There are many e-juice brands that offer a multitude of refreshing menthol flavors.

Sweet, Fruity, and Other Flavors

Birthday cake, chocolate, blueberry surprise, there are so many fun flavors of e-juice. If you think the taste of tobacco will make you crave a cigarette rather than satisfying the craving, you should consider a fruity e-juice. These alternative flavors dominate the vape juice market and with good reason.

The possibilities are endless with flavored e-juice. You can find them in as many types and ratios as there are vapes on the market. Although it may take some time to transition from sparking up a cigarette to pressing a button, these flavors make the experience more interesting. 

The biggest struggle comes from deciding what to try first. Think about your personal preferences. Do you like sour candy or rich, chocolate candy more?

The tastes you prefer in food often translate to what you want to taste while vaping. Try a few different flavors when first starting out to see what you like. Many e-juice stores offer deals when you buy multiple items at a time.

Choosing the Best E-Juice to Quit Smoking: Nicotine Salts

Most e-liquids contain nicotine and, if you want to quit smoking, you want to decrease the amount in your liquid over time. Standard e-juice contains freebase nicotine, which is very alkaline. This makes it harsh when included at a high strength.

New vapers should try e-juice made with nicotine salts instead. They're extracted in a different way to lower the pH level and make it smoother on your throat. Nicotine salts also enter the bloodstream quickly to provide you with a faster nicotine rush.

Buy High-Quality, Great Tasting E-Juice Online

Other than quitting smoking cigarettes, the biggest advantage of switching to a vape is the many e-juice flavors available. The best e-juice to quit smoking is the one that you actually enjoy.

If you want to save money while buying high-quality, great tasting e-juice online, check out the massive selection from Cheap E-juice. They have yummy flavors like apple bread pudding, mint leaf, and even offer flavored nicotine salts.

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