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What is e-Juice Made Of?

Many of us wonder exactly what's in the juice that we're putting in our vapes. Bringing something straight into your lungs can seem like a risky affair.

There's no reason to be worried. Far from being a mystery concoction, vape fluids are made using a couple of simple ingredients and flavorings.

You should make sure you're educated on the whole affair, however.

Read on and we'll cover everything you wanted to know about what's in your e-juice.

e-Juice Bases

The base of e-juice consists of three different ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine.

The base determines some of the most important properties of the juice, mainly the delivery of the flavor and amount of vapor exhaled when you're done with your hit.

PG delivers more flavor but a smaller cloud. Many people find that it's not quite enough to satisfy them.

PG is also able to trigger allergies in some people. If you find yourself itching or having trouble breathing after using a PG-based or PG/VG mixed fluid you'll want to switch to one which is entirely VG based.

VG, on the other hand, has some flavor of its own. This means it produces less flavor, but it also makes for a much more satisfying hit for most people.

The majority of e-juices nowadays are a combination of the two. A 40:60 ration of PG:VG is quite common.

Nicotine varies in amounts from fluid to fluid. Modern vapes are primarily sub-ohm, which made the usage of lower nicotine fluids more viable. Most juices use freebase nicotine which also produces a "throat hit" that makes higher levels uncomfortable for some people.

If you're trying to stop smoking then nicotine salt fluids are also available.

These can have much higher nicotine levels while not being too rough on the throat of the user.

e-Juice Flavoring Agents

The rest of the fluid, and a relatively small amount compared to the base, is made of flavoring agents. Most fluids contain around 1%-4% of flavoring agents.

These are often the same ones which are used for food and cooking.

There have been some scare tactics surrounding the flavorings used. Most of these compounds are generally considered safe in pretty much any amount but a few of the flavoring chemicals in popular flavors have been implicated in diseases.

One good example is diacetyl. The fear of "popcorn lung" caused by the compound comes up frequently in anti-vaping circles, but it seems to be of zero concern since cigarettes contain many, many times the amount used in e-juices and not one case has been found from cigarette use.

Indeed, almost all of the fears seem pretty much unfounded. Anti-vaping is becoming a rather profitable lobby so any fears without real studies backing them are pretty much unfounded.

Find the Right e-Juice

There are a lot of e-juice brands out there. We're confident, however, that you'll love ours.

If you're getting ready to pick up fluid for your vape, you're in the right place. Check out our cheap eJuice products today and get ready for a massively flavorful experience at an awesome price!

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