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Have a Sweet Tooth? 6 E-Juice Flavors That Taste Just Like Candy! | Cheap eJuice

Have a Sweet Tooth? 6 E-Juice Flavors That Taste Just Like Candy!

Every sweet lover knows the struggle of getting that fix while minimizing those calories. Finally, there is a solution.

Vaping! By vaping sweet e-juice, you can satisfy that sweet tooth without gaining a pound.

6 Sweet E-Juice Flavors that Taste Like Candy

Inhale your tasty treats! Vaping may prevent weight gain while satisfying your cravings. Keep reading for 6 e-juice flavors that will quench your sweet tooth.


Do you love the mix of sweet and sour tantalizing your taste buds? If so, pick this sour strawberry fruity e-juice.

Strawberry will give you a fresh taste of summer. That sour zing will keep you from daydreaming for too long though. You will pucker up for this yummy treat!


Everybody loves the super sweet flavor of cotton candy. But not everyone wants to deal with the sticky mess it leaves behind.

Using this sweet vape juice will bring you straight to the circus without all the noise. Plus, the nicotine bump will give you a sugar rush of sorts.


Looking for a treat that will bring a little nostalgia? Let this super sweet e-juice transport you to the 1980s.

The name will remind you of your favorite childhood cartoon. The flavor will bring you back to the candy counter at the skating rink where you first tasted this enigmatic blue-razz flavor.

Not quite fruity, but hints of a berry that you cannot put your finger on. Let this e juice vape you back.


Though candy grape flavor tastes nothing like the actual fruit, you cannot deny that this e-juice sweet taste will satisfy your candy craving. Tickle your tongue with a flavor nobody can explain but everybody loves.

Vape this at a party and this familiar flavor will grab everybody's attention. The sweet scent lingers long enough to make you extra memorable.


The refreshing taste of watermelon in this fruity e-juice will tickle your taste buds with delight. Still, it offers you a deep sweetness that will gratify even the craziest candy craving.


Craving that Pixy Stix taste but cannot choose a flavor? You're not alone.

This study reveals kids favorite candy flavors that fall all over the board. Pull out your inner kid and allow this super sweet e-juice to serve as your perfect solution!

Taste a rainbow of candy flavors with each breath. This popular flavor sells out fast for a reason. Get yourself on the notification list if it's not available right away.

Vape All the Flavors You Crave

Skip the extra calories and vape all the flavors you crave. Sweet E-juice can satisfy all your cravings!

You can vape your favorite candy flavors as well as any dessert you desire. If you can name it, you can find a juice to vape it.

Grab a taste for every occasion and carry a backup for when your sweet tooth isn't aching. Check out our newest vape flavors on our website.

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